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Product: Soymilk

Customer: Green Spot (Thailand) Ltd., Thailand

Application: Sterilization of Soymilk in 300 ml glass bottles in a fully automatic sterilization line incl. option for different bottle sizes.

Solution: 4 Rotary full water immersion process retorts SRS 1500-4 HV (Hydraulic door)incl. fully automatic cages transport line, loading/unloading combination as well as transport system for automatically batch retort system.

Green Spot Ltd.

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Product: Coffee Drinks

Customer: DFA, USA

Application: Sterilization of milk and milk-coffee drinks in aluminium cans, neck-in type. Sterilization of high quality coffee drinks in glass bottles on a high speed line, fully automatic and flexible for various packaging. Very short batch times have to be achieved to keep the C-value as low as possible.

Solution: ABRS for full water immersion rotary process as well as selectable semi-immersion rotation with Rotomat SRI 1300-4 HV-PS in connection with a shuttle and full automatic cage loading/unloading station (ABRS = Automated Batch Retort System).


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Product: Milk and milk drinks

Customer: F&N Foods SDN BHD, Malaysia

Application: Sterilization of milk and milk drinks in HDPE bottles.

Solution: 10 Full Water Rotation Autoclaves SRS 1100-4 BV VA


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Product: Milk

Customer: Thai Dairy Industry Co. Ltd., Thailand

Application: Sterilization of milk in cans

Solution: 3 Overspray Rotation Autoclaves BRS 1300-4 BV VA WT with automated loading/unloading and cage transport.

Thai Dairy

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